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Why I Love Poetry but Don’t Write It Well

why I love poetry but don't write it well

I love poetry but I think I’m pretty pants at it. I’m not saying that poetry is underdeveloped, but I can’t create anything without developing every tiny detail to a huge scale. So, for me, the standard-length guidelines that poems tend to be written within, are too restricted for how much I want to dwell on detail. I have to expand everything because I have the writing mindset of a novelist. Poetry, to me, always seems to have this aspect of enigma in that it suggests important detail, but doesn’t tell it. I think that’s amazingly artistic and beautiful but personally, I need to present heavily developed characters and I need to tell you their favourite colours, what they had for breakfast that day, the colours of the trees in their world and how many orgasms they’ve had that week.

I, personally, think poetry is about conveying messages or telling a story and doing so with very eloquent ‘pretty’ words. Everything flows in the tempo that you design it to. If it’s a slam poem it often sounds fierce and if it’s a poem about falling in love then they often flow very gently and rhythmically.

I do love to cosume poetry, though. Here are some of my favourite poets:

Savannah brown


Sierra De Mulder

Elizabeth Acevado

Neil Hilborn

Despite all that I just said about poetry, I still like to dabble in it occassionally. I tend to just write unfinished lines, slithers or excerpts, but sometimes a full piece manages to actually happen. The main reason I wrote this post, is because I want to start sharing my creative writing and I felt I needed to introduce it a little. From now on, I’ll ocassionally be publishing short stories, poetry, scripts and other creative pieces on my blog for you all to read. I’ve published one already, The Time Traveller. It’s time to start getting my work out there – I’m nervous, but also pretty excited!

Do you write poetry or fiction? What do you find most difficult?