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What you can expect from me + FREE Spring calendar desktop/printout!

I wasn’t originally going to write this post, as I often find posts alike to this a little cliché, although I have dabbled into them previously. But I thought it was strange of me to encourage my readers to list their goals, and put plans into action without sharing some of my own experience. I don’t want to offer you a long and boring motivational prose, nor ideas on how to change yourself, but simply share some of my goals for the Spring, Summer, and perhaps the rest of the year (if I can bring myself to plan that far ahead).  I suppose these are resolutions of some sort, whilst also being a truthful letter from me to you, about what you can expect from me and this blog.
I am now in my third year of attempting to blog consistently. I have always enjoyed blogging, but could rarely stick to a theme, nor a design. I changed my mind far too frequently while trying to follow the trends and what seemed most popular. Now, I’ve finally come to the decision that I shall write about whatever I like.  Blogging about the things that I enjoy and offering my services and advice on the things I’m actually good at makes me a lot happier, and it also means I’m a lot more helpful to my readers and my clients! Blogging has provided me with a wonderful outlet to express my thoughts and publicise my work. The blog is currently (as you can probably tell from the clutter) undergoing a redesign and is being prepared for a new style and theme of content! I’m happy to be able to create content that I’m proud of, and portrays my style and passions. I’m going to be implementing much more creativity themed blog posts, involving tutorials and sharing some of my own work, tips and tricks! I want to make this blog a destination for those looking for creative inspiration, and I will work hard to create enjoyable, informational content. I also want to write about what I love, involving me writing less often, but providing better quality.
I’m hoping to make some physical changes soon in terms of the colour of my hair. Aside from a mid-adolescence crisis resulting in me repeatedly dying my hair different shades of red, I have been blonde since I’ve been alive. I have gone as far as brightening it with highlights and occasional platinum peroxides, but I’m bored of looking at it and I’d definitely like a change. This probably won’t be anything too dramatic, but I definitely want to spice it up a little! Furthermore, and much more importantly, I have decided to return to having regular counselling sessions, as more recently my struggle with insomnia and flashbacks have worsened. I’m try to take my own advice and fill my life with positivity, but I’m only human and we all have setbacks! I’m soon to be starting a new diet, and cutting back on stimulants (this is huge considering myself and my boyfriend go through around 20 cups of coffee per day) and I’ll be treating myself much more often, too! For more on how I keep myself positive, here’s a handy guide

I have recently restricted negativity’s access to my life by banishing people who cause me to feed off their negativity and only doing things that make me happy! Like everyone else, I still do the odd thing we would rather avoid in order to survive such at eating healthily and going to work, but in terms of my personal life, I’m now refusing to partake in anything that doesn’t truly make me happy. I encourage you to do the same, and bring more positivity into your life.


Social Media.
As I plan to write blogging advice, creative tutorials and other posts of that nature to my blog, I am creating a new website alongside this one to feature just that. “Think Outside the Blog”, when it’s finally up and running, will be another blog written by me, to share only my posts that are just about blogging. This will hopefully make it easier for those of you who visit for blogging tips to find them more quickly! It also means that I can upload these kind of posts ‘in bulk’ without you thinking I’ve completely changed my blog’s direction!
Additionally, aligned to my blog, I am planning on building up a more thematic Instagram feed, utilising imagery from my blog to offer something more ‘branded’ and Spring-like! Any feedback that you have on this blog is greatly appreciated. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, or less, of, please let me know in the comments down below! Let’s make this blog the best it can be.


Before you leave, I have designed a Spring Calendar desktop background for you all. Hopefully it sparks some inspiration and gets you thinking about how you’d like to utilise your time!


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