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Things I’m Glad I’ve Done

I thought it would be nice to turn things around a little and focus less on accepting mistakes, but more on celebrating our achievements, the small and the large. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about the positive changes I made to my life, and here they are:
Going to university doesn’t seem like that such a huge accomplishment, I know. Everyone goes, right? But university, for me, was something I was very skeptical of in terms of whether it would actually get me a secure career or if it would just land me in debt and I’d continue living with my mum for another twenty years. I did everything I could to avoid it, mainly out of fear that university wouldn’t be all it was cracked up to be. Even though I didn’t want to do them, I applied for numerous apprenticeships and internships with focuses that I wasn’t even interested in, all to give myself any other option than University. What I really wanted to do was study Creative Writing and other artistic modules, but there’s such a stigma surrounding careers in the art industry that they’re unrealistic and over-ambitious so it’s no wonder I was nervous to dedicate a big portion of my life to it! Now that I’m a year into the course, I’m enjoying every second of it. More opportunities and resources have been granted to me than I could have ever imagined and I’ve made gained so many great friendships that I can’t believe I ever considered not coming.
One of the things I always wanted to do was to work in the media industry, and now I do – and in many different ways! My decision to leave retail and solely make a living out of blogging and freelancing has led me to be a part of many branding, design, and journalistic projects which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed! Through freelancing, I managed to gather up a pretty decent (for my age) portfolio and start applying for jobs I wouldn’t dream of being able to achieve. Since submitting my portfolio to every job search engine I could and offering my services via my blog, I’ve taken part in work experience placements at companies such as Heat, Grazia, FHM, and Closer. These are magazines I read often when I was younger – I never imagined that I would be shadowing editor-in-chief’s and writer’s in their head offices in London! Working in London with some of the top names in the media industry was a great learning curve and such an incredible experience. Since attending their lectures and shadowing their employees, my freelance offers have exploded (in a good way) and I’m working as a contributor for more and more different blogs and media outlets! Gathering all of this experience has led me to being offered the opportunity to work as editor-in-chief of my university’s literary magazine, as well as a permanent part time position curating.
This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and possibly the best thing I’ve ever done. Without going into too much detail (we don’t want this getting too personal!) I was with someone who didn’t know how to be in a relationship, and wasn’t good at personal interaction or being an understanding person. I was often left hurt and I let it progress due to being too frightened to leave. This led to me being in a position of danger, and it took a lot for me to learn to look after myself and leave. Getting out of the relationship has made me so grateful of what I have now.
For such a long time, I clung onto people around me, despite knowing they were bad influences in my life. I noticed a large amount of people who were distancing from me (through no one’s fault, it’s just life) or were not supportive of me. I even had close friends who would drag me down regularly, trying to compete with me every day instead of us celebrating each other’s achievements. I clung onto these people because I felt like I needed a lot of friends. But it turns out those people weren’t my friends anyway. Friends do not put you down, try to hurt you, or behave selfishly. It’s better to have a close set of amazing friends than 30 friends who aren’t genuinely proud and supportive of you.
Blogging has been an amazing way for me to express my thoughts and share my creativity and advice with others. It’s even benefited me financially here and there!  The ability to meet people online who are alike to you and experiment with new content is amazing, and blogging is the most flexible way to experiment with your skills. Thanks to my blog, I always look forward to gaining new opportunities and spreading positivity.
What are you glad you’ve done? let me know in the comments below!


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