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I haven’t really talked about writing as a professional, in a personal way on any of my channels or platforms, so when I saw ‘The Writer Tag’, which was created by Mandi Lynn (Youtuber) I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss what writing is to me.
Do you have any rituals that you do when you write?
I don’t have any particular rituals set for me to write within. I do think you have to be in a good mental state to begin writing formally, so making sure you’ve had enough sleep and that you’re relaxed is very important. For blog posts, I have a written schedule and an editorial calendar for writing. Other than that, it’s mainly about making sure I have everything I need with me at my desk. I turn off all my technology (except what I’m using to write) so I have no distractions. I have talked about this about this in more detail on my blog post on how to get organised
What is it about writing that makes it absolutely essential to who you are?
It seems like a bit of an obvious answer but for me, a huge contributing factor is writing being a source for self-expression. I also think that writing is hugely therapeutic. I never feel as relaxed as I do when I’m writing.
Where do you do your best writing?
Having a choice in location for when I’m writing used to be quite a luxury for me with my retail job and having no car, but going to university has definitely changed that. Every Tuesday morning, as part of my creative writing, course, we go to a location that has been chosen specifically by our lecturer to provoke inspiration. These have included castles, national parks, art galleries and much more. Each location has been different, and all depending on what content we’re being set to write. I love that university has provided me with more interesting locations to write in.
What is something that you’ve written about, which contains reflections about something that’s happened to you?
I think a lot of the time, whether this is intentional or not, what you write will often overlap with events or memories that have occurred in your life. I definitely do this often. I’ve looked back over content I’ve created and have noticed similarities between articular scenes or characters and people or memories in my life. I’ve definitely written pieces that were purposefully inspired by my personal life, too. I’ve written a lot of personal essays, about both positive topics and personal issues.
I hope you enjoyed reading a little about the ‘writer’ side of me. If you are a writer, feel free to complete this tag! (I don’t have anyone specific to tag who I think will enjoy it). Leave a comment down below with your own writing tips!

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