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Moodboard inspiration

Whenever I ‘hit the wall’ creatively, I turn to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, whether that be for story writing, decor inspiration, or design. I love to create moodboards with my favourite findings and display them as inspiration for my upcoming projects. One of my favourite things to do is plan creative projects visually as uniquely as I can. Maybe moodboards aren’t totally unique (if any of you have ever participated in a creative course, you’ll have made moodboards 35 thousand times) but that’s why I like to change things up a bit and create different types of moodboards and get a little crazy! Below are a few moodboards I’ve made recently; one for instagram theme inspiration, one for home decor inspiration and the final moodboard for workspace/office inspiration.

To change things up a little, I’ve created traditional symmetrical moodboards, but delved into being a little more unique by including assymetrical moodboards as well as creations made up of all squares. I’ve created some templates to create these more easily, and have included this in a Zip file at the foot of this post.


I hope this sparked some inspiration for those of you looking to plan your creative projects more visually and uniquely. Let me know if you use the templates, and if you’d like to show me your creations with them, tag me on instagram or tweet them to me! (@bethanyashleey)

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