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My Bucket List

One of the best things to do when you’re feeling sad is create a happy book. It helps you to think more positively if you’re listing the things that make you happy and aspirations to look forward to. Creating a book full of happiness is great to read over when you feel down in the future, too. One of the things I made sure to include in my own happy book was a bucket list.

·         Be a part of a photoshoot
·         Set up a blog
·         Set up a YouTube channel
·         Start making vlogs, not necessarily public videos, so you can watch over your memories
·         Get 5,000 followers
·         Get 10,000 followers
·         Share my creativity
·         Write a dystopian novel
·         Write a book containing a collection of personal essays
·         Write for TV (something big like a Netflix series)
·         Make a scrapbook (again)
·         Start and complete a dream journal
·         Start a writing related business
·         Make that business successful
·         Get an article published
·         Own a house
·         Live with my boyfriend
·         Own a bulldog puppy
·         Own a husky or a collie
·         Star in a film / music video / some sort of moving image product
·         Attend an art class / course
·         Curate an exhibition
·         Be able to move past a particular trauma in my past
·         Get my sleeping pattern together
·         See elephants
·         Graduate from university
·         Visit San Francisco
·         Return to Amsterdam with Serena (and Shannon if she would like)
·         Return to Barcelona with Shannon (and Serena if she would like)
·         Help my boyfriend acquire a passport and take him abroad for the first time (Do not care where!)
·         Help others build positivity through many mediums
·         Make enough money for comfortable living through working at home
·         Start a capsule wardrobe and try to stick to it so I can always be comfortable and confident
·         Write for a magazine
·         Guest post on another blog
·         Create an app
·         Make more websites to cover the niches I’d like to write about
What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments


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