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5 ways blogging will help your personal growth

In other blog posts, I’ve discussed how awesome blogging is for all kinds of reasons, but did you know it can help you grow as a person too? Today, I thought I’d share 5 ways that blogging can help your personal growth. Blogging is more than just a hobby or a business!


With blogging, you can become one of those driven people who set their mind to do something and just do it. This is done with just a little discipline! Blogging will help you to establish a pattern of discipline in your blogging by sticking to the schedule you created. Distractions will eventually flow into other areas of your life and you will feel a great sense of achievement from your blogging.

Organisational Skills

Blogging has definitely helped me to build my organisational skills. You may already consider yourself to be pretty organised, or you may feel like that’s a flaw of yours, but either way blogging will help you to improve on this. Blogging involves researching, image creating (or finding), writing, editing, promotion and engagement. All this can only get done with great organisational skills. Blogging helps you to practise these skills over and over until it becomes second nature. Write yourself lists, have a planner to keep things planned out. Work out processes to ensure you’re utilising your time to your maximum potential.


An ability to be flexible is an incredibly valuable skill to possess. For all your planning and discipline, there will be times when things don’t quite go to plan, and you will have to adapt accordingly. Learning to be flexible will save you a lot of stress and worry in the long-run, and help you to still get everything done despite interruptions. Being flexible is a valuable skill for your whole life, not just blogging!

Embracing Change

The online world is very complex and is changing almost daily. The Facebook algorithm changes as frequently as the average joe’s underwear, and Instagram sent people crazy this year with it’s own algorithm change! New social platforms are being released every other month and blogging method trends switching each year there is always something new to learn and adapt to. This makes the online world (where the bloggers live) the perfect environment to learn how to embrace change. Don’t be one of those people who let their brains blow up over the Instagram algorithm change. Embrace the chance and adapt your content and your schedule to work with it! Figure out what works best for you, and don’t rely on just one social media platform to bring in traffic.

Helping Others

Your blog will become a valuable resource in what it can give rather than what you can get. Practice thinking this way in relation to your blog and you will find the “how can help” mind set will overflow into the rest of your life – which can only be a good thing!

Some bloggers will blog purely for personal need, such as journaling (the kind of blogging often found on platforms like Tumblr) but this blogging is becoming rarer, which in my opinion is a great thing. This means that more and more bloggers are changing from the all-personal theme and using their blog to help other people. I believe that to have an amazing blog, your blog must help others, fill a need, or solve a problem.

So, there are 5 ways blogging can help your personal growth and have a positive effect on your personal life!

Are there any other ways you’ve found blogging to help you grow personally? Let me know in the comments down below!



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