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The Launch of our Magazine: Paperfox Lit Mag

Hello readers!

For those of you who do not know, back in February I was appointed as editor-in-chief of a brand new literary magazine. We have worked extremely hard in creating the branding for the magazine, the page design, and most importantly the content so that our readers will be pleased with the product. I’m very excited to announce that Paperfox Literary Magazine is finally available for download at www.paperfoxlitmag.co.uk via the “issues” page. The other editors and I have worked incredibly hard to create this magazine, by selecting content to write about that will be interesting for our readers, and curating the Paperfox submissions to celebrate the work of amateur writers and artists. We have also made contact with successful, established writers in order to be able to share literary tips with our readers.

I hope you enjoy the magazine, and any feedback on how we did for our first issue is much appreciated!

Do you have any projects going on that you’d like to share?

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