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Finding Something Lovely


The best way to describe my legs and arms right now would be the exact same consistency as my favourite sweets- Jelly Snakes! My brother and I have recently started going to the gym and weight lifting- ouch. 
Despite the rather uncomplimentary sweaty state I am in afterward ( I tend to scare a lot of people as I leave the gym) I feel… pretty lovely. Not lovely for being a little on the stinky side- lovely because I hold a sense of achievement. Working out helps you just before you go to bed and even removes the guilt you have about eating that Kit-Kat 20 minutes before you went! 
Throughout life a rollercoaster of events will pass by. Hobbies will come and go, you will succeed and fail at them, but it is always important to have something lovely that you LOVE to do or learn to love. I – as of right now- do not adore the gym,however I did once upon a time and want to rekindle that passion for keeping myself happy. Not so much slim or muscly, as this can then turn into the obsessive territory- simply happy!
The thrill of being able to find something exciting and thrilling makes it such much easier to become an enthusiast for life. You could be reading a book, riding a bike, running in the rain, hiking, knitting, taking photographs, writing a blog, even stamp collecting! No matter what you choose to do or stumble across go at it full speed.
A very clever man Albert Einstein once said ” I have no special talents. I am just passionately curious”, and what a beautiful mindset to have. To always be open minded and looking for things in life to make you happy – passionately.
Dr. Bernstein, a past president of the American Psychiatric Association has conducted a study showing that it does not matter what your hobby may be, or even whether or not you are good at it, as long as you are enjoying what you are doing it will later lead you to feel more energized and more connected to the wider world. Sufferers of anxiety and depression along with a list of other mental illnesses will highly benefit from doing something they love, something to make them proud of themselves, and proud to be participating in something that they may not do on a regular basis. 
I want you to go away from reading this feeling energized, feeling excited, feeling ready for tomorrow- talk to somebody about what you want to do, research ways of doing it, find others who love that certain activity and just please, go wild with it. Hobbie yourself happy.  Oh wow, that was extremely cliche. You get the idea. 
If the thing you love is the person sat next to you, perhaps they are lying next to you in bed, or if they are a few hundred miles away, try to spend more time with or talking to them.  Get to know them in a new light- ask each other things you may not know about them- scratch the surface and discover what they love- do more together, experience new sights and sounds and it will put everything into perspective. If they make you happy, and if you love them deeply give them a wee nudge and let them know, you may just spark up something new.
“What is done in love , is done well – Vincent Van Gogh”

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    Maurice Ashley
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