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How to Organise your Life

Do you ever feel like you want to be more organised but the mess around you is stopping you? Me too! This blog post is for those of you who – like me – work from home or complete a lot of university work at home, and you need that little bit of inspiration for getting your equipment organised!
I’m normally a pretty organised human! I like being organised (normally because I have to be) but sometimes things do get out of hand. Today I’m sharing my top eight tips on how to be more organised – the things I wish people had told me years ago!
1)      Go digital!
The first thing I would suggest is to get a digital calendar going. This goes against my love of stationary, but it’s just much easier to have a digital one! The great thing about having a digital calendar is that you can customise it so easily. It can be colour coded, and it makes it easy for me to glance at and know what I need to do for my work, and what I need to do for my personal life.
2)      Listography is your best friend
Digital calendars are all well and good but it’s not handy to clutter it with the smaller jobs. Use a notebook to create daily to-do lists for tasks such as “buy more toilet roll” and “do the laundry”. These tasks are not time-specific so there’s no need for a calendar, but noting them down will give you more motivation to get them done (as there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing them off once completed!) and it means you can’t forget about them. I usually create my lists the night before they need completing.
3)      Organise the space around you
The phrase ‘clear space, clear mind’ is one I believe in whole-heartedly. Take a leaf out of the minimalist’s notebook and physically organise your workspace. Throw away all those vouchers you’ve been ‘saving’, you’re not going to use them! Clearing out the area you work in will really help you to organise your life, and you won’t get distracted by mess while you’re working.
4)      Put things away immediately
Put objects back in their original habitat! When you get undressed at the end of the day, don’t leave your clothes in a pile on the floor! Put them back in their draw if they can be worn again, or put them in a laundry basket or near your washing machine. This prevents your workspace/bedroom from becoming messier! It starts off as just a few clothing items here and there, but before you know it your room will end up looking like a Primark floor!
5)      Utilise your phone
You carry your phone around all the time, so make the most of the notes app! This is great for things like shopping lists and errand you need to run outside of the house. Particularly if you’re a blogger, keep note of the products you’ve been loving ready for your favourites post at the end of the month!
6)      Label things
Labelling is a little bit of a passion of mine! I like to label a lot of things, from boxes to drawers to random objects! It’s more fun than you’d think, and it’s hella good for organisation! Drawers are also amazing – organise your items by categorising your drawers for certain themes (underwear in one, stationary in another) and you’re already organising your life!
What do you usually do to keep yourself organised? Let me know in the comments! 

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