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How to Prepare for Working from Home

Today I’m going to be showing you how I organise my work space from home! Organisation is key for those of you who – like me – work from home or complete a lot of university work from home! This is my temporary work space as I’m currently stopping with my mum for six weeks while I wait for my new tenancy to start in July (eek!). I’m hoping to have a more creative looking work space in my new place (which I’m sharing with my friends) and I will of course update you all on this! But the actual objects included for preparation will remain the same as they do here. Please excuse the poor quality of the graphics in this post – as I was photographing my camera, I had to take this on my ipad πŸ™‚

I thought I’d start this blog post with a little tip for general organisation and working from home! If you’re Β planning a day of hard work, have everything ready! If you’re going to need snacks, get snacks beforehand, and make sure you pour yourself a glass of water before you start, too! Nothing wastes more time than having to get up and leave your desk just to do little things like grabbing a glass of water. Set yourself up before you sit yourself down, otherwise you can waste a whole hour messing around looking for things you forgot earlier. And the one I’m worst for? Stock up on paper and pens, and find your charger beforeΒ you begin working! I’m constantly waiting for my laptop to be almost dead, taking myself away from my work to find my charger, then returning to have lost my train of thought. If you set yourself up first, you can dive straight in!

So as you can see I have a huge desk so that I can work in a wide space (I like to have all my items spread out so I can have everything I might need at once!) On the left side of my desk, I keep a couple of pencil cases, which of course contain lots of writing equipment like pens and pencils and felt tips for mind mapping. I also keep my ultra important Busy B expanding fileΒ * and sticky page markers * ready on my desk.


These sticky page markers from Busy B are absolutely fantastic for organisation, particularly for those of you studying at university who will have a lot of coursework to do at home! I’ve wanted a set of sticky markers for such as a long time as they’re great for marking work within portfolios or notebooks which you need to complete as demonstrated below:
This set of sticky markers is great for anyone who – like me – loves to work with helpful but feminine and original looking stationary! It just puts me in a much better mood for working and getting things done if I like the products I’m working with. The expanding file also has a lovely, feminine look for the hardworking #girlboss.

I like to use expanding files as it’s a great way to separate your work into categories and organise your paperwork. This is particularly great for my university course as I take a combined course (Journalism, Media in Context, and Creative Writing) so I get a lot of paperwork to take home that isn’t all particularly related! This is also a great product for bloggers as I’m currently using my expanding file to organise press releases sent to me by brands. The expanding file also comes with a set of sticky labels with typical themes for labelling the sections of the file! Click here to purchase your own set!

On the right side of my desk, I also have my trusty camera! I always have my camera fully charged and nearby for blog photography! Even when I haven’t planned to shoot blog photography that day, I often feel like taking a couple of photos spontaneously while I’m working, so I like to have it nearby! I’m also still learning how to use my camera properly, so if I have free time, I like to play around with the settings and practice with the camera!
The most important part of my work space organisation routine is making sure I have plenty of notebooks nearby! As a writer, blogger and student, I absolutely fly through notebooks so I like to make sure I’m stocked up! All of my notebooks are prioritised for certain areas of work so that I can keep on top of everything!
For those who are interested in stationary (particularly notebooks and great places to find them) I’m planning a stationary collection post (possibly in video form) so look out for that shortly!
How do you like to organise your work space? Let me know in the comments below and show me your workspaces on Instagram by tagging me (@bethanyashleey)
Some of the items featured on this post have been gifted to me in exchange for blog coverage. All items that have been gifted to me are marked with an asterisk (*). All opinions expressed on this blog are my own, and I will not alter my opinion for payment/gifting.Β 


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