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How to Create a Relaxing Home

Sometimes the best way to combat anxiety is to create a relaxing home to live in. We try so hard to change different things about our routine and lifestyles to reduce stress, but often it comes down to your environment. And If you happen to own your own ‘environment’ (or at least your own room), you should make it as comforting as possible!
1.       Create a focal point!
The first thing you see when you enter your home or your bedroom should be something you really love. This can be a large piece of art, or a photograph. Perhaps it could even be a vase of flowers. I recommend purchasing from Bloom & Wild if you’re someone who embraces change, or purchasing these beautiful faux sunflowers (these are perfect if you’re not great at gardening!)

2.        Organise your sh!t
Don’t leave old newspapers on the floor, nor old post. I know it’s good as a reminder, but try not to leave anything that will soon involve a stressful errand in plain sight, especially not near your front door. Mess at your doorway will discomfort you and make you feel like there’s mess and chaos in your home. Try to assign a designated place for all of your items.
3.       Give yourself some space
If there’s too many things around you, your anxiety can build up. Particularly in the living room, try to reduce clutter and remove anything that’s non-essential. This will make the room seem larger, and bring you more comfort. Using a lighter colour scheme will also give the impression that a room is more spacious, and thus easing your mind a little. Make sure you clear easy paths between items in your home, too. If you can’t get from the doorway to your coffee table without banging your hip against the end table, you need to rearrange your furniture. Not being able to navigate around your home without occasionally stubbing your toe might seem like something you can ignore, but it might one day tip your anxiety over the edge.
4.       Plants are your friends
It’s said that bringing natural elements indoors reduces stress, and actually encourages you to interact with people. Arranging some succulents on your shelves or window sills, or bringing in some houseplants can help you to create a peaceful home. A really interesting, soothing house plant could count as your focal point, too.
5.       Switch off your phone.
Generally, just try to remove electronics from the bedroom. Not having televisions and computers in your bedroom will help you to get a better night’s sleep. The light produced from electronics will signal for the brain to stay awake and disrupt your sleeping pattern.
6.       Bring scent into your home
 You can easily bring relaxation to your home with the right scent. I like to partake in frequent pamper evenings, and candles and diffusers play a huge part in that. Having a relaxing, neutral scent in your bedroom or living room creates a really comfortable vibe that you can live in peacefully. A particularly lovely option is this reed diffuser from Kenneth Turner London Couture*. I wish you all had smelly-vision so you could smell this beautiful diffuser*! I can only describe it as a very sophisticated, neutral smell, perfect for relaxing in your home when you want a scent that brings life to the room without being overwhelming.



The packaging for this reed diffuser is absolutely beautiful, perfect for using as storage or for display once the scent is used up. The bottle that contains the scent itself mimics a high end perfume, which makes the product fantastic for gifting to a friend, and sits pretty on your dresser.
   7. Add personal Touches 
Add a dash of your personality to your home by simply adding a few items that you adore. This will make you look forward to coming home, and relax fully once you’re inside.


Adding motivational quotes around your house is particularly great for combating anxiety. Choose some of your favourite quotes and use them to decorate your walls. This way, you are always reminded of what you can achieve, and how happy it is possible to feel.
If this post helps just one of you, it will be completely worth it! I hope I’ve provided some help for those of you looking to anxiety-proof your homes.

Some of the items featured on this post have been gifted to me in exchange for blog coverage. All items that have been gifted to me are marked with an asterisk (*).  All opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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