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Little things that make me happy

After battling insomnia & PTSD for a year and a half, sleep is probably the thing I appreciate most at the moment! I’ve officially slept for around a month and a half now, every night, all the way through the night, with no struggle and no episodes! Although I’m not one to sleep in for a long time, I’m appreciative of the freedom I have to sleep in whenever I feel like it (yes to working from home!) Before I started working for myself, I had those horrible 6am shifts and I don’t think I could manage it now!

Dog Personalities

It’s so amusing how different each of our dogs are. I find myself chuckling at their quirks every single day and love how much joy they bring into my life, and the lives of so many others. Prince is a very hyperactive dog who likes to lick everything (mainly my face and my jeans!). He’s also one to lie on his back and throw his legs around crazily! My dog makes me smile every single day. That big silly nose has my whole heart, and receives a lot of fuss and kisses on a daily basis! Prince has seen me through so many happy (and not so happy) moments and is always available for cuddles when I need him.

Candles & Diffusers

I love them so much and am not ashamed. They can be a fantastic decor item that just adds the perfect amount of relaxation to a room. Not to mention how amazing they smell!


I love my cozy slippers, and I (a little ridiculously) own around four different pairs! They just make everything better! My feet are constantly cold and I feel naked with my bare feet out! Thick, cozy socks and fun slippers are an all-season essential for me.


Art in general is something that I will always be thankful for. Being able to create something that was born in my imagination truly makes me happy. I like to practice art, to observe art, and to discuss it. Art is something that is incredibly therapeutic for most people, and that’s something I’m glad about.
I encourage you all to create your own blog post like this one, or even just quickly list down some things that make you happy. It’s important to recognise the little things that encourage us to smile each day. Sometimes the simplest of things can be your saviour when you’re feeling down.
What makes you happy?


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