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5 Podcasts for Inspiring Great Content

During the Spring, I spend a lot of time alone while I’m working. I have been a creative entrepreneur for a while now, and spend most of my time working from home. I like to entertain myself during this time, but listening to music and watching films while trying to be creative can be distracting, so I find that the best things to listen to are podcasts. I discovered that there was a whole variation of podcasts on topics I loved, like great stories, and inspiration from writers and artists. There are so many podcasts made for creative business topics, aimed at people just like you and me! They provide insights, interviews and great advice for creatives, and so here are my top five favourites to listen to.
Ctrl-Alt-Delete by Emma Gannon (Girl Lost in the City)
Emma Gannon from www.girllostinthecity.com (a blog I have followed religiously for a very long time) produced the Ctrl-Alt-Delete podcast, sharing the same title as her upcoming book, as a way to provide inspiration to creatives through interviews with well-known, established artists, writers and creative influencers. She interviews her podcast guest with such a colloquial style that feels familiar, and relaxing to listen to, asking the most interesting questions her brain can conjure for them. Between her great interview skills and her wonderful guests, the Ctrl-Alt-Delete podcast provokes thought on all different aspects of living and working online. Some of my favourite episodes are “Episode 2 with Zoella” and “Episode 4 with Rowan Blanchard”
Create Lounge by Kayla Hollatz  (@kayla_hollatz)
The Create Lounge is a fantastic podcast, produced by Kayla Hollatz. I found this podcast while desperately searching Twitter for writing inspiration, and was met with a whole community of creatives using the hashtag #createlounge to share ideas and seek wisdom in all things creative. Not only has Kayla Hollatz provided an insightful and inspiring podcast for creative entrepreneurs but represents a whole online community of trust amongst people alike to one another. The create lounge podcast, as well as Kayla’s website and social media platforms are great places to browse for artistic inspiration, as well as find others in your niche who can mentor you and help you overcome your creative blocks.
The Moth Podcast
The Moth Podcast is the mother of all creative podcasts, with a listening experience that no other podcast provides. It features live recordings of stories from all different experiences from various types of creative people, told to audiences in places like bars and theatres where they simply gather, and listen.
A Better Life
A Better life is produced by Rachel Rofe, an energetic entrepreneur and blogger, who interviews inspiring people who have overcame difficult situations and built lives that they’re proud of, and now provide insight for their listeners. Rachel also includes a lot a lifestyle related content from health to general life hacks, providing an easy and uplifting listening experience.
Strangers is a fantastic storytelling podcast produced by Lea Thau. This podcast is incredibly inspiring; one I personally like to let run its course in the background while I work. It provides brilliant creative insights, and interviews with really interesting people. Lea Thau aims to capture stories about the people she meets, and the connections she makes.


Let me know if you decide to give these podcasts a try! What podcasts have you been loving at the moment?

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