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Paperfox Lit Mag Submissions

illustration by Hannah Faye Johnson

For those of you who don’t know, I’m editor-in-chief of a literary themed magazine called “Paperfox Lit Mag” and we’re now taking submissions for our second issue! We were so impressed with the response from the last issue as we had so many submissions and involvement from many people! This time, we’re aiming towards a fantasy theme for our content. If you’ve recently seen a fantasy themed film or read a fantasy book, send us your review! We’re also looking for poetry (of round 50 lines per poem), flash fiction, short stories (of around 1500 words – though the limit is not too strict), relevant interviews (length should be enough for a double page magazine spread – get involved journalists!), reviews, all forms of visual art including photography & illustration, and more. Please email all submissions to paperfoxlitmag@hotmail.com with a brief description of yourself and your creative process (this is needed for credentials in the magazine). Please visit www.paperfoxlitmag.co.uk to see our submission guidelines and find out more information about the magazine. Even if your work is not fantasy related, send it to us anyway as we can consider work for future issues! Anyone can submit work, and all work published will be credited. Happy submitting!



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