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How to manage your expectations

 One thing I think I’ve needed to work on more recently is managing my expectations. Sometimes our productivity can skyrocket and our productivity will be on point, but what happens when we create expectations in our mind that don’t happen as quickly and as easily as we hoped? That’s when we’re faced with disappointment and shame, feeling as though we should have done better. Our expectations sometimes have power over our feelings, over our intelligence, and cause us to be quite unrealistic, and thus, saddened when it’s not as good as we thought it would be. Expectations, however, do not have to be difficulties with our happiness. In fact, we can definitely use strategy to make expectations work to our own advantage. Here are some ways to reframe your thoughts and actions to make your expectations work in your favour.

­­­It can be damaging to attach your self-worth to trying to lose a few pounds or getting a promotion at work. This is not to say that striving to improve yourself is not necessary, but don’t let yourself believe that you’re only worthy if you do achieve a promotion or lose weight. You have to realise that you are inherently worthy by being kind, and knowing that you want to improve.

Be realistic with your goals, and only set goals that you know are achievable for you! Ignore the endless parade of social media posts their ”body goals” and perfect relationships and many trips abroad. Maybe that is how some people live, but it’s not entirely how they live. You are just as entitled to the lifestyle you desire. Set your own goals that you know you’re able to achieve. Think about how you want your lifestyle to look, and set your goals according to it. 

Happiness can’t be built in a day. Understand that although you’re putting the effort in, you’re not going to achieve the perfect lifestyle immediately. Keep improvement yourself and looking after your health, and the rest should fall into place. you’re only human, allow yourself to make mistakes. Everyone has room for improvement. 
I hope this post helped you to control your expectations a little more! 


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