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40 Blog Post Ideas to help writer’s block

·         Share some blogger love and do a roundup of your top 10 favourite bloggers.
·         Write a post about the things that make you smile! Whether it a person, a book, a meal or a product, share it with the readers.
·         A roundup post – do a roundup of your Instagram accounts for the month or even your favourite Pinterest boards.
·         Create a mood board – whilst you’re on Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram, create a mood board of what inspires you! Check out my mood board inspiration post here
·         Do a product review. Write about a makeup item you’ve bought recently. Take a few photographs and tell your readers why you’re enjoying it. Product reviews suit blogs of any niche.
·         Have you travelled recently? Share your holiday photos.
·         Whilst you are at it, share your favourite places to visit.
·         Do a Q&A with yourself. Ask on Twitter if your readers have any questions for you and share your answers in a blog post.
·         Show your readers a ‘Day in the life’. I can’t really explain why, but readers are nosy and love getting a little peek into your personal life. My personal posts are some of the most viewed blog posts I have!
·         Write down 10 random facts about yourself. As mentioned above, readers love seeing your personality show through!
·         Share a helpful tip with your readers. You know how to crochet? Some of your readers might be dying to know how to crochet that cute mouse you posted on Instagram last week!
·         Whilst you are at it, share a roundup of your favourite Instagram accounts to follow.
·         Share 10 things you have learnt from something… Something in the lines of: 10 things I have learnt from working from home or 10 things I have learnt since starting my blog.
·         Show your readers what is in your bag.
·         Show your readers what is in your makeup bag.
·         Share your favourite recipe with your readers.
·         Review an event you recently attended.
·         Show-off your favourite space in your home, perhaps a newly decorated room!
·         Make a list of your blogging goals. I often find myself reading and enjoying posts about other’s blogging goals, as it helps me think about my own blog’s direction.
·         Share your top budget buys – whether it is beauty or fashion, share it with us. Blog posts like “Create a Summer outfit for £50” are great and readers love them!
·         Share some advice with your readers on something you know a lot about.
·         Create a fun Instagram challenge for the month/, and create a cute # so your readers can join you
·         Share your blogging essentials, and/or routine.
·         Update and share an old blog post.
·         What is the best and worst advice you’ve ever received?
·         Make a list of your favourite restaurants and chat about your favourite meal there.
·         Share the positives and negatives about being a blogger.
·         Do a giveaway.
·         Share a “How to” post.
·         Create a list of something – like a list of travelling essentials, or a list of your favourite songs.
·         Share your blogging story with your readers.
·         Share a personal story about yourself. Whether it is something embarrassing, or a hard lesson you have learnt, share it with us.
·         Tell your readers how you edit your pictures for your blog.
·         Share an inspirational story with your readers.
·         Write a letter to your younger self.
·         Do a review of your favourite book
·         Share a free resource.
·         Do a post about a day in your life.
Let me know if these helped, and if you have any other ideas leave them in the comments down below. Happy blogging! 


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