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An Update

Just thought I’d give you guys a little update from a miserable and rainy Wednesday morning. I hope you’re all having lovely day, and have exciting things planned.
This week I have been…
Doing: A whole lot of paperwork and a couple of meetings. Issue two of Paperfox Lit Mag (of which I’m Editor-in-chief) is to be launched in September, so I’ve been interviewing a whole lot of exciting people  I’m currently writing an eBook about blogging, including all of my advice and my own experiences online. I’ve also dedicated a lot of this week to resting and recuperating and applying for work experience for my course. I’ve also been peeking at houses a lot more, and I want to paint my future home pink.
Reading: Wizard’s first Rule, a book lent to me by my boyfriend as it’s his favourite book, and I’ve just adored ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ which I’m excited about reading.
Wearing: Dorky T-shirts and ripped jeans. I’ve just ordered myself a Meat Loaf T-shirt too because I’ve been loving listening to him even more recently, and layering up with a woolly jumper because despite it being July, it’s still England and it’s bloody freezing. The jumpers never really come off, they just become a bit thinner.
Eating: Black pudding and feta cheese (but not together) and probably far too much of it.  I’ve also developed a fascination with Jamaican Ginger cake.
Loving: Pinterest. I’ve recently found it to be a rather good source of blogging, writing and decor inspiration. I’ve been pinning away myself, so please do take a look.
I hope you all have a wonderful week, let me know what you’re up to in the comments below!


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