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Why You Should Write Things Down

I’d heard this all before: “Write it down”, said everyone, my teachers. My boyfriend. My mum. My therapist. But it took me quite a long time to actually start writing things down (other than my creative writing, of course). But what is it about writing things down that makes everything so much easier?
Typing out your to-do lists or your feelings gets things done quickly and easy, and it never brings the same satisfaction as ink on paper does. Using technology to record, such as typing on your computer, causes a sense of things being unfinished, because you didn’t write it yourself. Your computer did this for you. Yes, you control the keyboard, but it doesn’t serve the same gratification as writing out the individual letters on the page. Typing disconnects us from our performance. No matter who you are or how busy your schedule is right now, you need to take special time out to purchase a notebook or journal and use it. Use it as often as possible.
An act as simple as writing things down can provide you with clarity and a sense of organisation, thus helping you achieve your goals and manifest aspirations and desires, while also allowing negative emotions release without them feeling like a permanent obstacle.
Writing things down is a perfectly healthy form of expression, allowing us to release our frustrations and subsequently make us feel lighter. It aids in ‘getting things of your chest’ Here’s some reasons why it’s important for us to use writing as a necessary tool for personal growth.
It’s the most annoying thing when you have an idea and it gets away because you couldn’t remember it later on! If you have a pen and paper handy and can quickly write things down that come to mind, you’ll be able to revisit your thoughts later, which would have otherwise got away. If you’re a creative  or in business, this is particularly helpful! 
Write about what’s bothering you. This works so well. As soon as you write what you need to get off your chest, you feel much lighter. If what’s bothering you is something you need to get done, writing it down and displaying it clearly will bother you until you have the motivation to get it done. Being able to eventually tick it off will make you feel more accomplished.
Making lists of what needs to be done and display the list somewhere where you will see it often. The unfinished tasks will annoy you enough to find the motivation to get things done. Writing things down helps declutter your brain and provide you with a clearer mindset for completing your tasks. It can also help you visualise a clear plan of action for taking tasks on board. 
Writing down your feelings, particularly negative emotions, will help you to get things off your chest. Writing things down instead of letting them sit in your brain helps you to realease emotions and feel lighter, and happier. Writing things down also gives you a gradual awareness to your inner conflicts. You can look back on your old writings and learn how to prevent certain situations, atmospheres and feelings. 
5. listing your goals 
Writing down what you’d like for the future and lists such as your career aspirations will help you visualise your goals and create a plan of action, while also helping you keep organised and inspired to do more. 
I hope these points inspired you to start writing things down. Let me know what things you make sure to right down in the comments below!


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