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5 ways to boost your mood on a down day


Having one of those crappy days? It’s OK. Human beings can’t be expected to stay happy all the time – everyone has down time. We all have the odd day (or week) where we’re just not feeling it, but there are plenty of things you can do to give yourself a little boost and get smiling again.

You don’t need to go throwing away all things unhealthy – don’t worry! This is not a dieting tip. Adding certain mood boosting foods to your diet will benefit you long-term. Foods such as dark chocolate, coffee, pomegranates, asparagus (not together, that’s a rather strange mixture) will encourage one of the brain’s mood-regulating neurotransmitters to make you feel good in the most natural way possible.
Finding a hobby that keeps your mind busy will relieve overthinking. Get as creative and ‘handsy’ as possible. I don’t know what’s so therapeutic about working with your hands, but just have faith in me that this does work. Try painting, writing or even create your own blog to share your thoughts. It’s extremely beneficial to get things off your chest and use a platform to talk about what’s on your mind. Maybe even try an adult colouring book? I know people seem to find these ridiculously hilarious but they truly do help me de-stress.
Don’t feel bad about spending less time with people who trigger anxieties and negativity, even if they are your friends. If you have a few friends being grumpy on Facebook, don’t feel afraid to unfollow them so their negativity doesn’t become shared with you. Surround yourself with the people and the things that make you happy. Listen to music, sing all the lyrics, watch some cheesy 80s movies and spend time with positive, laid back people – their optimism is contagious.
The worst thing you can do with negative thoughts and anxieties is bottle them up. Overthinking can be caused by your need to share your thoughts with others. Talking to someone may ease your mind. If you’re feeling stressed at school, tell your teacher. If it’s at work, tell our manager. They might be able to change something in the environment or change something about the way your work is carried out to help ease you.
Working out without weight loss being the goal is a fantastic way to release endorphins and feel amazing. This can be as easy as going for a walk, joining a Zumba class, or maybe even getting a gym membership. You’ll eventually be able to build up towards working out a few times per week. This benefits both your physical health and your mental health.
What do you do to boost your mood on a down day?






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