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My 2016 Achievements & My Goals for 2017

2016 has drawn to an end and thus begins the pressure to start bettering ourselves for the new year (I don’t know why this is a thing, it just is). With that in mind, I’ve

My Achievements

I produced 4 magazine issues with Paperfox.
I successfully managed a team and curated submissions to work towards creating those issues

I landed a work experience placement as an assistant archivist (and loved it!)
I started earning money from my blog (yay yay yay!)
I started my own business, and began profiting from it
I created products and resources to sell on Etsy, thus expanding my business further
As Paperfox’s editor-in-chief, I got to interview some incredible people which was really exciting and brilliant for my CV!
I started writing my novel
I started writing my eBook on blogging

My Goals for 2017

 To expand Paperfox Literary Magazine

To work harder on my photography (including engaging with my own photoshoots – something I’m very scared of!)

To finish writing and publish my eBook on blogging
To start my book-themed podcast and arrange some great guests for you all!
To finish it would be great, but for now (as a more realistic role), to continue writing my novel
To finish my second year of university within the A-grade boundaries
To produce Paperfox as a print product
To come up with a great dissertation idea, and get the proposal cracking – V IMPORTANT

To start earning a little more money (got that masters degree to save for!)

Overall, a lot of incredible things happened this year and I’m really proud of how hard I’ve worked both at university, within my job, and on my blog. I also made a good handful of silly mistakes this year that were invaluable learning experiences and I  adapted to those situations in a professional manner and applied it to further decisions; something I probably couldn’t have done a few years previously. I guess I’m maturing, ha! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful year considering how crappy 2016 was in some places and I wish you all the best for the new year. Let me know what your achievements and goals are in the comments below – I read every comment I receive and I love hearing from you all!



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