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How to Get Out of Your Resolution Slump

January is coming to an end and that hyperactive, productive ‘resolution’ spirit is starting to die. Don’t worry, we all suffer from it. January has us in a craze of making a thousand goals for the year and wanting to tick them all off immediately. But as January closes, we’re left feeling burned out, uninspired and frankly, a bit knackered. So that we can try and tackle it together and get motivated, I’ve made this little list of steps you can do to get out of your resolution slump. Fix your sleeping pattern

How do I know your sleeping pattern is broken? Because in January, everyone’s is. It’s okay to feel a little burned out from time to time, and January leaves a lot of us feeling that way. Give in to what your body wants and get some rest. Be strict with your sleeping pattern and make sure you’re getting enough hours of shut-eye per night. If you’re feeling sluggish, fed up and unmotivated, chances are you are just tired. This is particularly true if you’ve started to clean up your eating habits and began working out (as so many of us do in the new year). Set yourself a strict a bedtime & wake up time, a sleeping schedule is very important for your health!

Seek Inspiration

Get that motivation back and rekindle your spirit for the upcoming year! If you work on one project all the time, your creativity will start to wither and you’ll get bored. Find new ways to get inspired by switching up your routine! Don’t stop working on your project, but find other ways to get inspired like reading books and magazines, reading blogs and listening to podcasts.

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Make a list of goals

There’s no better way to rekindle your motivation than making a clear list of your goals and aspirations. Those who make lists are more likely to complete their goals and resolutions because it’s right there in front of them! Here’s my list of goals for 2017.

Make time to relax

Excitedly planning out your goals and putting them into practice is probably wearing you out. Allow yourself some time to relax. Treat yourself to your favourite foods, put on a face mask, and play your favourite songs or have a movie night.

I hope this post helped some of you get back in the mood for tackling 2017! Just because January is over, doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on your resolutions! What are your resolutions for this year? Leave me a comment below x



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