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Must have WordPress widgets for bloggers!

I’ve recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress, and what I love about WordPress is that it lets you easily customise your site layout through some fantastic sidebar widgets. In this article, I have picked a few WordPress widgets that I believe are a necessity for spicing up your sidebar, and making sure your blog is reader friendly.

About me widget.
Sometimes it’s the most simple WordPress widgets that are most effective. It’s always nice to have an ‘About me’ section on your blog. I am not sure about you guys, but I love to read something about the creator.  Why? Because I believe identity is everything! People need to know who you are.  The about me bit from my blog comes with the theme I am using, but a good alternative would be the ‘About me’ Widget (nice and simple). This widget is very easy to use and it has many options for customisation in terms of colour and other visual elements.

Subscribe – MailChimp sign-up form
I love this widget, I use it at the moment, you can create a cool form to fit your blog style and add it to your sidebar for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. As you can see, the integration is really easy, I personally prefer to have a very simple opt-in form, with just one or two fields: name and email.

Social media icons
Having a social media icon widget is an absolute necessity if you want your blog to be successful. Social media plays a huge part in how much traffic your blog receives. Due to the many variations of social media widgets, it can be hard to pick the right one. I feel that the WordPress social media icons widget is a good choice. The plugin/ widget is fairly straight forward, with a clean, minimal look. There are lots of options to toy around with, even on the free version.

Instagram feed
Readers of your blog are more likely to click on your Instagram icon if they can see a preview of your beautiful photos. The Instagram feed widget allows you to display your pictures straight from your account. The display is minimal and most importantly, customisable. It can also be optimised to include feeds from multiple Instagram accounts.

So far, Bloglovin’ hasn’t actually been a great source of traffic for me, nor a very good way to connect with other bloggers. I would still recommend creating a widget for your readers as extra method of monitoring your follower count. Furthermore, most bloggers and readers love using it, so even if you can’t find others, they might still find you!

Facebook widget
The Like box Widget provides easy and quick use in your blog, you can fully customise the Facebook like box in an easy way.
This will attract and gain new likes from your site. This plugin is outstanding and perfect and I highly recommend it!

This widget works beautifully, it’s minimal and it does integrate easily. This widget allows you to define the number of tweets that are displayed and the number of hours that tweets are cached, which is awesome, right?


So, what’s in your sidebar? What widgets do you see as a necessity?


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