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Beth’s Bookshelf Podcast: #2 L.E Delano – Writing, Autism in Literature and Book Sniffing!

Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Beth’s Bookshelf last week with Danika Stone. I’m really enjoying podcasting! Today, I have L.E Delano (Ellie) on the podcast with me, the author of ‘Traveller’, a much anticipated young adult novel for 2017 published by Swoon Reads. The story surrounds Jessa, a character who, during the novel, finds out she can travel through alternative universes. Ellie is a fantastic author, and a wonderful person to chat to. Especially about writing and literature! In this episode of Beth’s Bookshelf, we got talking about fan fiction, Once Upon a Time (which was the inspiration for her novel), the representation of autism in literature, and how writers can find inspiration to get creative! We even got talking (in some serious depth) about how great it is to sniff books. If you’d prefer, you can now listen to

If you’d prefer, you can now listen to Beth’s Bookshelf on iTunes or on Acast.

Grab a blanket and a cup of tea, and get ready for this fantastic conversation with Ellie – I really enjoyed recording this epiode!

You can visit Ellie’s website here  and watch the book trailer below! If you’d like to purchase Traveller (and I don’t see why you wouldn’t!), click here.

I hope you enjoyed this episode! I’d love to hear your feedback! Thank you for listening, don’t forget to come back next Sunday. Erin Summerill will be coming on the podcast to talk about her novel; Ever the Hunted!




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