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Things You’ll Understand if You’re Harry Potter obsessed

I realised recently that I never truly acknowledged my cinema trip to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on my blog. I truly loved the film, and I wanted to write a blog post that’s Harry Potter dedicated, because I do adore the series (both in writing and in film) and I thought this would be a cool way to introduce my love for it onto the blog! I have to say, I was more than sceptical about this spin-off series as I was at first annoyed by it and thought they should leave the Harry Potter franchise alone… but I absolutely adored the film. It was nostalgic, exciting, and action-packed in every way that I needed it to be. But, don’t be fooled! This blog post is not a review (because there’s no way I could possibly be fair or objective considering my insane bias when it comes to all things HP) but I had to do something to honour the film! I could barely contain my excitement while watching, so here are 12 things you’ll understand if you’re as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am!

You own more than one copy of each book
What can I say?! It just has to be done. The covers are all so beautiful in their own ways and I seem to have started a collection! And before you ask, no… I’ve not read every copy, but I do intend on doing so! My favourite copies have to be the illustrated collection; the pictures inside are just so magical and depict the wizarding world in a way I couldn’t previously imagine. I can’t wait to own an illustrated copy of each book. If you’re going to get just one extra copy of the Potter books, make it these ones!

You get upset that certain details (or whole characters) from the book were not in the film
Just… PEEVES. PEEVES. That is all I have to say. I understand that not everything can be carried over from print to film due to time and other factors, but how could they miss someone as important as Peeves out?! Also, Hermione’s ball dress? BLUE. The dress she wears to Bill and Fleur’s wedding? LILAC. Should these things be as upsetting as they are? PROBABLY NOT.

You have a mental breakdown when someone asks you which film/book is your favourite
I mean… would you ask a mother which is their favourite child? Because that would probably be an easier decision. Whenever someone asks me this, I immediately say “The Chamber of Secrets” and then follow with “but I love the last one..” and “but I also love the Goblet of Fire” and then I fall into a pit of despair. In that order.

Even when you sleep, you must dress like the Harry Potter fan you are
Let’s face it, you’re probably going to dream about it anyway, so why not where something appropriate for the occasion. I think I have four sets of Harry Potter pyjamas, so I have a nice selection for my choosing! My favourite, however, is the night dress and slippers from Primark!

You have a burning desire to show your love for the franchise, permanently
Anyone else have a Pinterest board purely for Harry Potter tattoos? I must as some point get something great inked to celebrate the series being such a huge part of my life, but it’s too much pressure considering how important it is to me! It’s too easy to get wrong, as I know it’s something I’ll be ridiculously particular about.
You take it personally when someone says they don’t like Harry Potter
If someone tells me they don’t like Harry Potter, I feel the stab wound. I feel it. It hurts. How could you not like Harry Potter? If you don’t like it, then what else do you do with your life? Are there other films??? Books too??? I’m confused.
You get even more offended when someone says they enjoyed the films, but not the books

….. I have nothing to say to these people.

But it’s not as bad as those who say they’re a fan but HAVEN’T READ THE BOOKS
You stay in the library until you are finished.

If you can have a Harry Potter theme, you will.
I’ve had more than one Harry Potter birthday cake, and have hosted many a Harry Potter party. If there’s a way I can sneak a character into a fancy dress theme, I will. I’m sure you can think of times you’ve done the same!
You name whatever and whoever you can after Harry Potter characters
My mum recently adopted a puppy, and she needed name suggestions pronto. Instantly, my list was quickly compiled into “Padfoot, Lupin, Sirius, and Albus”. It’s just got to be done. I’ve also reserved the name “Luna” if there’s ever a future daughter in my cards.
You own way too much merchandise
But is there ever really such a thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to Harry Potter? I think not. I own a hell of a lot of Harry Potter merchandise. Some of it were gifts, others I spent my own money on it. Either way, it was money well spent and I’m pleased to own all of it. I definitely won’t stop here; the collection is for-sure expanding.
The deaths of certain characters felt like deaths in the family

Where do I even start with this one? JK Rowling rather cruelly had us go through the deaths of so many beloved characters, and most of them had me in fits of tears. Some of them, I’m still not over. Sirius, Snape, Dumbledore and Dobby’s death were particularly devastating. Thanks for that one, Rowling! I’m never getting over the scene where we see Snape’s memories in the Deathly Hallows. Hell no.

What did I miss? What weird and wonderful things do you do, as a Harry Potter fan?






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