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Goodbye to another month (a great one)

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Hello and welcome to the month of March. It occurred to me the other day that I have a mailing list. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I my subscribers (you, there, wonderful human!) who subscribe to my newsletter have been completely neglected for months, and months.

And months…

So! I thought I would start a monthly newsletter, talking about everything that goes on behind the scenes of www.bethanyashley.com, everything I loved during the month, and so on and so forth.

So, what exciting things happened this month?!

I, along with the rest of my wonderful team, released the 5th issue of Paperfox Literary Magazine, which was Romance theme in the spirit of Valentine’s Day! This issue was released on the 21st February (on Kevin’s birthday, happy birthday Kevin!) and if you haven’t read it already, you can read it here for free.

On the 8th of February (why am I not writing these in chronological order?!) I was offered an amazing opportunity. Back in June, this article on my blog went viral. Following that, I was contacted by various charities surrounding women and feminism and a couple of media outlets surrounding the same topics who all asked if I’d ever like to do communications work. I said yes to all. Fast forward to the 8th of February, and the charity Refuge asked me to speak at Avon Cosmetics’ International Women’s Day event in London. I am so honoured to be asked and so excited…… and so nervous to speak on a panel. But, it’s an opportunity I could never say no to and I’m very happy about it.

On the 12th of February, I launched my podcast (YAAAAAAAY). I’m so proud of myself for finally launching this podcast. Back in June, I started listening to more podcasts, and it was one of those equally empowering and frustrating moments of “hold on, why am I not doing this?” Podcasting made so much sense to me as it was another form of media for me to play with as a journalism student and another place to share content. I’m a huge lover of literature, poetry and writing as a craft and I felt like I wasn’t sharing enough of that side of me on my blog. Starting a podcast seemed like a perfect opportunity to share that love and nothing else interrupting it! Unfortunately, June was also the month that I received some of the worst news I’ve received to date, and so I was thrown out of balance and the podcast ended up happening. Up until December, the podcast was something that remained in the back of my mind consistently, and I never did anything about it. Then, I’m not sure what triggered it (though I’m thankful for it, whatever it was) but in December, I suddenly decided enough was enough and I was getting the podcast launched. As. Soon. As. So, Beth’s Bookshelf is a essentially an audio-collection of conversations with brilliant writers of all forms; authors, poets, editors, bloggers, etc. If you float a little further down this newsletter, you’ll see my ‘podcast’ section where I’ve listed all the episodes I created this month.

Following the launch of my podcast, I partnered with Egmont Publishing Group to work with them through the content I create, by interviewing their authors and reading samples of their manuscripts! I’m very excited to read more material and be able to create even more content for you guys!

I had a birthday party! My birthday isn’t until the 5th of March, but I had my party at university the week before so I could spend it with all my friends. I’ll be with my boyfriend and mum all weekend across my birthday!

What’s happened on the blog this month?

How to Get Over Your Resolution Slump

A Moody Playlist for the Winter

How to Move on From a Night of Binge Eating

7 Photography Courses for Beginners

I also made these FREE Valentine’s Day Desktop Wallpapers. Valentine’s Day has been and gone but there’s a chance you might like them anyway! Take a look!

What about the podcast?

There are three episodes up on the podcast this month! The first is with Danika stone, the author of All the Feels, which was launched on the 12th of February. We talked about getting caught up in fandoms, her crowdfunded publishing process,

The second episode, posted on the 19th of February, was with L.E.Delano, the author of Traveller! We talked about her writing process, touching things you shouldn’t in museums, and sniffing books.

If you want to see my full guest list for Beth’s Bookshelf and the episodes that those guests will be featured on, head here to read it.

Want to start your own podcast? Read about how you can start your own podcast from home for cheap.

What have I been reading?


All the Feels – Danika Stone

Erin Summerill – Ever the Hunted

Patrick Ness – A Monster Calls

Love Letters to the Dead – Ava Dellaira

Traveller – L.E Delano

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands


Frankie Boyle’s Article on Trump for the Guardian

Why Millennials are Becoming Proud Plant Parents

The Secret to a Happy Marriage is Treating It Like a Bank Account

Fighting Racism to Become an MP

Did Kylie Jenner Get a Boob Job? Why Am I Being Paid to Write About This Shite?

My message for the month of February is to just say YES. Say yes to collaborations, and seize every positive opportunity that’s thrown your way. For too often, I’ve turned down opportunities that could have been amazing (I guess I’ll never know) because I was nervous or scared. You never know what you’re missing out on and you have nothing to lose so just seize every opportunity! February has been a month filled with opportunities, exciting collaborations and more, so make sure you’re not missing out on anything out of fear.

What did you get up to this month? Leave me a comment!

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