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To All the Women that I Adore

It’s International Women’s Day, which presents me with an opportunity to celebrate the women who have a positive impact on my life and inspire me every day. I’m lucky enough to be finding my feet and growing in a time where more and more girl bosses are arising and choosing to break the mould and not conform to society’s rules. Unfortunately, with a lot of women wanting the same things, we can end up with a lot of girl hate from girls themselves. It’s days like International Women’s Day that should remind us all that we don’t need to compare ourselves to one another, judge each other, or rip away other people’s accomplishments to feel better about our own. Today is a day about uplifting, empowering and encouraging other females. There are so many women that have provided me with wisdom, inspiration and motivation throughout my life. This blog post is about giving those people a little appreciation where it’s due.

Mum – My mum (featured in the accomponying image) has always been my hero, as I once said in a school project when I was younger. My mum has some sort of magical superpower where she blocks bad vibes and nothing negative can ever touch her. She’s truly a woman who bounces back from anything. She has also continuously encouraged me to explore my creativity and help me to realise there’s no limitation on what I can do with my life.

Friends – My friendship group has become much more female heavy in the last couple of years since I’ve started university, which I’m very happy about. My little girl gang is one to be truly proud of. They’re all creatives with different talents in which they’re incredibly passionate about, from photographers to potters, to artists and animators. They’re all unbelievably inspiring with their art and the greatest friends to turn to when times are dark.

Serena in particular – Serena is my best friend and flatmate, and she has been absolutely bossing it lately with her work in feminism. She’s centred the majority of her artwork around the female body and womanhood and it’s incredible to watch grow from planning stages into something real. She’s made the effort to involve the women in her life to create a wonderfully feminist project! Serena has also been working in music with another friend of mine recently, and it’s great watching friends start their own projects and seeing them take off!

Lena Dunham – I guess this is a controversial one, though I wish it wasn’t! Lena Dunham is, shall we say, quite the marmite character, it seems. I, for one, think she’s absolutely wonderful and is truly a fantastic feminist role model to all women out there. I’m so sad that her best creation, Girls (HBO) is ending because just watching the show has improved my confidence, lightened my life, and even influenced my style a little! I’m so inspired to pitch a TV show to a network in a couple of years, and I have Lena to thank for that dose of motivation! At least when Girls does end, I’ll still have Not That Kind of Girl to regularly flick through.

Emma Gannon – Emma Gannon’s blog is forever refreshing and you can always find an interesting read on there! Emma is the one person who inspired me to start my own podcast. She’s the only podcaster I’ve seen out there who started with a small budget, studio-less and using minimal equipment, and was willing to offer advice for new starters where she could! I’ve wanted to start a podcast for about a year, but I didn’t truly believe I could do it until I started listening to Emma’s Ctrl Alt Delete.

I hope you enjoy this post and it encourages you to have a think about the fantastic women in your life. Let them know they’re appreciated today!






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