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Beth’s Bookshelf Podcast: #5 Michael Grant – Front Lines, Hidden War Stories, and Women in Battle

If it’s your first time visiting the blog or podcast, hello! Welcome to Beth’s Bookshelf, the podcast for all things writing and literature. This podcast is a collection of conversations with creative writers, perfect for lovers of literature and/or inspiring writers.

Today’s episode is a super exciting one because I have the wonderful Michael Grant with me. Egmont Publishing Group invited me to go down to their offices and interview Michael about his trilogy; Front Lines for the podcast, and it was a super exciting day! Michael is the author of around 160 books, some co-written with his wife. These include the Animorphs series, the Gone series, the BZRK series, the Magnificent 12 series, the Messenger of Fear series, and soon Soldier Girl series. He’s on the podcast today to talk about his new series, Front Lines, where he manipulates the story of WW2 and writes the events of what could have happened if women were allowed to fight on the front line alongside men. We also have a bit of a chat about hidden stories from the time of the war, that Michael wants to write about.

You can follow Michael on Twitter for updates @MichaelGrantBks. He also has a personal Facebook page at AuthorMichaelGrant, which is public and he makes a few announcements on there too. If you’ve listened to the podcast and fancy giving Front Lines a read, you can purchase the books here!

Big thank you to Egmont for arranging this, and to Michael for coming on the podcast. Sorry this episode’s late guys, last weekend was hectic!

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