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A Tour of My Workspace


I thought for today’s post, it would be nice to do almost like a little ‘behind the scenes’ post taking a look at my workspace and ‘where the magic happens’ I guess! (cringe)

I have a ‘room tour’ post coming soon so I didn’t want to reveal too much of my bedroom, but here is a series of photos showing my desk space, and the little things I’ve popped on my vision board to inject some personality into the room!

The metal grid I’ve popped above my desk is from Etsy, by a girl from Ukraine who handmakes them and does them in lots of different sizes and various pretty colours! I was originally going to get one from Urban Outfitters but they were hella expensive and I think this one was between £15-£20. It was important to me to decorate the metal grid with prints that reflect my personality and checklists/planners that motivate me. Two of the prints are actually my logos, there’s the Beth’s Bookshelf one for my podcast, and my blog header on the top left (but I only pop this one up in the Autumn!). Both of these were illustrated by Kaylee if you are wondering! The ‘Stay Wild’ print is also from her shop. The ‘Love Your Body’ print is my favourite print on the grid and is by the wonderfully artsy Jemma from

The ‘Love Your Body’ print is my favourite print on the grid and is by the wonderfully artsy Jemma from Dorkface Blog. My body confidence isn’t always completely ‘all there’, so I like to keep this empowering print somewhere where I can always see it! Much of Jemma’s artwork will be featured in the 6th issue of my magazine; Paperfox, so that’s one place you’ll be able to find her. She also has an Etsy shop. 

The fox themed planner on the bottom left is from Paperchase and I bought it on a whim because I’d been thinking of getting a planner just for Paperfox planning, and this is fox themed so how perfect! I couldn’t not buy it, really.

The ‘In 2017 I will…’ print, as well as the vision board that’s wedged into my typewriter, is part of the set when you buy a Happiness Planner. I’m absolutely obsessed with mine and I’m planning a whole blog post about it soon!

The remaining pieces on my grid are presents from friends and one is a birthday card from my lovely friend Eden.

I’ve added a few more things around the desk area of my space as well. To the left (you’ll see more in my upcoming room tour), I now have a mirror and some Dumbo prints above it. Adorable, I know. I’m hoping to get that video up soon!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peak into my workspace, and where this blog is created from. This is where I sit sometimes when I’m blogging, carrying out the daily tasks for my magazines, and writing other pieces (other times, I’m sat slumped in the living room with a crap film on in the background). This space, as ordinary as it may seem, motivates me to keep working and to keep having fun while I work. I have a lovely space to write and take blog photos, and I have a lovely display which reflects my own personality, keeping me nice and calm!

Do you have a blog post/video of your workspace? Leave it below, I like to be nosey!








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    Nicole Woodward
    August 6, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Your work place is so cute! I love all those little prints! Looking forward to your room tour post xx

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