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Issue 6 of Paperfox: The women’s issue!

Paperfox Literary Magazine Womens Issue

Hopefully, you know by now, though perhaps you don’t, that I co-founded and am editor-in-chief of a magazine. That magazine is Paperfox Literary Magazine and we’ve been launched and producing content since February 2016! It’s been a crazy (and very enjoyable) adventure, especially as we’re about to release our sixth issue! It feels just crazy that we’re onto our sixth issue already. When I think of the very first meeting where we delegated roles and decided on themes and the magazine’s name, it doesn’t feel like we should be in this deep already! Though, I’m very glad we are.

Paperfox is a bi-monthly magazine, and April’s theme brings you; women. This is the magazine issue for all of you beautiful people out there who either identify as a woman or want to support us. In an artistic and literary context, we’re going to be celebrating women with this month’s content. What does that include? I’ll spill the tea.

  • Submissions from the public, including poetry and short stories that celebrate women.
  • Lots and lots of FEMINISM (yay!)
  • Articles from myself and the Paperfox staff about women in a literary context
  • Art work from fabulous artists!
  • An interview with Michael Grant, about his trilogy ‘Front Lines’, which explores the “What If’s” of history by writing about WW2 from within a re-imagined society where women were invited to fight on the front lines.

Who’s on the cover this month?

I’m incredibly excited to be featuring a fellow blogger on this month’s Paperfox cover! This incredible, striking artwork is by Jemma from Dorkface Blog. I’m sure you know her already (if not, why not?!) but she’s an incredible writer of blog posts and personal essays and runs an Etsy store where she sells artwork like what you see featured on our cover and other similar pieces. She also designs stickers and very lovingly designed incredible notebooks where the proceedings were donated to planned parenthood. Jemma is also generally just very supportive, friendly face in the blogging industry, and acts as a source of motivation for everyone – I don’t know how she does it! So yes, that’s whose artwork is on our beautiful cover this month! I recommend you go and check Jemma out! More information (in her own words) and more of her art will be featured in Paperfox this month.

Who am I interviewing this month?

I’ve mentioned it briefly above, but this month, I’m interviewing Michael Grant for Paperfox. I recently interviewed him for the podcast over at Egmont Publishing House and we had a great chat about writing, and about his trilogy; Front Lines. Michael Grant’s trilogy is fantastic and explores themes of feminism, sexism, race and other social issues. The premise of the books is that they are a retelling of WW2, about what could have happened if women were invited to fight on the front lines. The narrative follows three female GIs who fought during WW2, and it’s a brilliant read. It’s a thinker!

That’s all I can tell you so far for what’s happening in Paperfox this month! If you’d like to know more information, you can visit the Paperfox website here. Submissions for the women’s issue close on the 15th of April, but you can go and check out our submission guidelines to see what future themes we’ll be accepting work from! We accept work for all themes all year round until their closing dates, which are the 15th of each month the theme’s are assigned to. If you do go over to Paperfox, be sure to subscribe to get the issue in your inbox for free on the 21st!

We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on!




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