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Beth’s Bookshelf Podcast: #7 Jess Phillips – Everywoman, Female Politicians as Humans, & Feminism.

Welcome back to the Beth’s Bookshelf Podcast and apologies for being missing for so long! University needed to take priority for a few months along with some other responsibilities! But now I’m back and I have lots of exciting guests lined up! For today’s episode, MP Jess Phillips is joining me to talk about an array of interesting topics!

Jess Phillips is a really exciting guest to have on the podcast because she’s a very busy woman, which means she has a lot to talk about! Jess is a labour party politican and MP for Birmingham Yardley. She’s also an author, a feminist, an equalities campaigner and a mother. Before becoming a politician, Jess also managed the domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid, who help women and children escape violent situations. Much of these experiences are present in her book, Everywoman.

I met Jess Phillips at an International Women’s Day event hosted by Refuge for which we were both panelists for, and she seemed so amazing that I had to read her book straight away and get her on the podcast! I enjoyed the book so much I needed to talk to her about her work for an hour, which is basically how this episode happened.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the amazing things Jess does. She truly inspired me to take a bigger interest in politics as a woman, and I learned a hell of a lot from her just in this one hour interview, so I really hope you enjoy it!

Sorry about the sound at the start by the way – I’m not sure what’s wrong with it! I used the same mic throughout but the audio is somehow drastically different during the intro. I’ll hopefully have that fixed by the next episode!

Buy Everywoman here.

beths bookshelf podcast interview with jess phillips


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