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Skin Care for Acne Clearing & Scar Fading!

Back in the day (I sound old) I was a beauty blogger, but only because I thought that was the only kind of blogger that existed. As an outside consumer unfamiliar with the blogosphere, there’s little representation of any other kind. So I wrote about beauty products when I was first getting into the game. Then I got bored. I love makeup and beauty products, and there are loads of beauty blogs I love reading, but it got boring for me! There are lots of things I adore but just don’t enjoy writing about, and beauty is one of them.

However, I thought today I would re-visit beauty-blogging Beth to talk about the products I’ve been loving for helping acne (by that mean, helping it find its way off of my fucking face). Pictured above are the products that have recently got me sailing through my acne dilemma! My acne is quite bad, though I only particularly suffer with it on my cheeks (the rest of my face is always completely clear, how strange) but these products have really been helping!I’m not trying to bullshit you that it’s disappeared in a matter of weeks. I’m still struggling, and I’ll probably have to make some lifestyle changes to evict the acne from my face forever, but I have noticed a HUGE difference in how bad the acne is. After around a month of using all of these products together, my spots are less angry and red, meaning they’ve stopped feeling sore and itchy, and my skin looks plumper, tighter, and not so damaged and sad.

Below is my now daily skincare routine, from morning to night. These are all the products I’ve been using to give my spots a bit of a kick up the arse!

Face Wash / Scrub

Using a boss ass face wash is pretty essential for a mighty skin care routine. For me, the St Ives scrub (pictured above) works perfectly. I feel incredibly fresh and clean after using and it smells really good! I don’t know why that’s important for helping acne, but it’s a nice little benefit. It also gives your face that firm plump-ness that makes you want to walk around lightly slapping your own cheeks for a while, and it’s relatively cheap to pick up in Asda!

The Right Cleanser

The coconut oil* and ultrabland facial cleanser has been a god-send for cleansing after the makeup removal process (for which I use Garnier micellar water). After removing my makeup, I further cleanse with coconut oil to remove any remaining makeup and then cleanse with Ultrabland. I was recommended this product by a Lush employee, who said Lush do an ‘ultrabland challenge’ where staff/customers use it every night for a month and watch their skin improve. That’s exactly what I’m doing! Ultrabland is also very soothing over existing acne, which I think is due to the rose oil ingredient! It makes my spots look and feel a lot less angry. All three products are also very relaxing to use, making me feel ready for bed once finished. And coconut oil has basically changed my life. As you’re all probably aware, coconut oil is apparently made from the blood of mutants and is the cure for for absolutely everything. If you have an issue, just put coconut oil on it. And it smells fucking AMAZING. It’s clearing my skin, growing my hair, and my dog is showing me more affection because I’m basically a walking bounty. No complaints.

Tea Tree Oil

Not only does the tea-tree oil help prevent spots, but it also soothes the existing ones so they’re not as sore and itchy, which is my main reason for wanting them gone. I usually spend a lot of time whining about my face being sore and itching my cheeks, but tea tree oil has really helped me out. It also makes me sleepy (sleep is another thing I struggle with) and smells verrrrrry good.

Face Masks

I would also recommend implementing a good moisturiser into your skincare routine. For ages I didn’t bother using a moisturiser, literally not until last year (I know, it’s a sin) because I thought oily-skinned people didn’t need it. In fact, it seemed completely pointless considering I was trying to make my skin less oily. It turns out, you need a bit of oil to combat oil. They join forces and go to the light side. If you combact oily spot prone skin with a try product, it’s just going to break the skin and leave you looking a bit scabby and damaged.

Another product I use quite often, but haven’t listed here because it’s not part of my daily routine, is Lush’s Greased Lightning. This product is one of the best skin care products for acne I’ve used in my life. It’s absolutely incredible for clearing up spots. However, the reason it’s not part of my daily routine is because the product is more closely aimed at those monster spots that appear right before a date or a job interview. It zaps it away if you need a quick fix before an event. It isn’t as affective with giant clusters of spots, or ‘long term’ acne.

So those are my ‘holy grails,’ if you like, for clearing acne and fading the scars. I hope this post helped you out! Maybe I will do a few more posts about acne and help where I can! Let me know x

Disclaimer: (*) marks affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through the link, I get a little bit pocket money. I’ll probably just buy doritos with it, or save up for another cardigan I don’t need. Or maybe I’ll actually be good with money for once and pay my rent on time. Either way, it doesn’t affect the cost to you!



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