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What We Can Learn About Kindness from Bloggers

I’ve been blogging for five years and this particular little blog where I’ve tried my best to share my creativity and even help a few people has been alive and breathing for two of them. These five years have been… confusing. That would be a good word for it. There has been so much drama, particularly in the last year or so, that it’s probably an unpopular opinion at this point to state I like the blogging community.

I’m not going to pretend the blogging community has been consistently friendly. I’ve only recently began making friends online with other bloggers after a year and a bit of trying to communicate with people. It seemed like bloggers had their cliques and they were not to be broken into. I’d rarely even get a reply on my tweets. However, now that I’ve been serious about blogging for a bit longer, I understand the defensiveness when you’ve been blogging for some time. It’s no surprise that bloggers are skeptical of newbies when so many have admitted they’re starting for money (We have news. Making money on your blog is really hard so you need passion to get you through the skint months). And some bloggers, big and small, have admitted to using bots. That was the latest fiasco that rocked everyone’s twitters. Honestly, it’s disheartening. The blogging community has been clouded with drama, fear, judgement and a lack of motivation, so it’s time to focus on a little kindness.

Here are the people that made my blogging experience that bit more amazing, and what lessons of kindness we can take from their online presence.

Jemma from Dorkface Blog

Jemma is, I think for most people in the blogging community, a bundle of kindness and dry humour that welcomes anyone and everyone with a blog. Jemma was the first person I remember showing me some kindness when I arrived in the ‘#blogginggals’ community and I appreciate that a hell of a lot. Also, her notebooks and prints are amazing.

What tips can we take from Jemma’s presence?

– Stay away from drama

– Welcome newbies, even if you’re a bit sceptical.

– When youve got beef, there’s no reason to name and shame. You can talk about your problems and the blogging community we know and love will hopefully provide you with support, but ‘dragging’ someone isn’t clever and doesn’t gain you more followers.

– Do your thing and don’t feel pressured to adapt your work to what everyone else is doing.

– When you love someone’s work, TELL THEM. Everyone loves compliments and it’s those small actions like telling someone you love what they’re doing or leaving a comment on their blog post that will rebuild the community.

Grace Victory

Grace is an absolutley incredible force in the blogosphere. She’s practically an icon at this point and someone to look up to if you want content creation to be your career. However, Grace is also the epitome of kindness in the community. No matter how many brand deals, events, books, panels or whatever is next for this multi-creative (please be a clothing line), Grace has always remained humble with her feet on the ground and I believe she always will.

What kindness tips can we take from following Grace?

– Stay in your lane. There’s no point focusing on what other people are creating all the time and being hard on yourself because you didn’t create it. Everyone has their own skills and experiences. Learn to love what other people create, but ultimately, have faith in yourself and passion in your creations.

– ‘Empowered women empower women’. If you’ve followed Grace for any length of time, you’ll know she flipping adores this quote and uses it very often. I think its very much applicable to the blogging community. It’s saddening to watch people in the blogosphere attack one another over the slightest things. The creatives of the internet are already under enough fire from tabloids and magazines without us turning on each other. Embrace each other’s presences, and lift one another up. Leave the hate to the mainstream media and lets keep the community clean.

Nicole Woodward from A Beautiful Chaos

Tips on kindness we can take from Nicole’s blog:

Nicole is the talent behind the ‘A Beautiful Chaos’ blog and the ‘Beautiful Minds’ magazine, both centred around real mental health stories, mental wellbeing and some social topics. Nicole is incredibly kind (making her perfect for this post) and has involved other bloggers in her projects consistently.

What kindness tips can we take from Nicole’s blog?

– Be collaborative. Involve other bloggers and creatives in your projects if there’s room for them.

– Be mindful. Be there for people. You don’t have to go as far as dedicating your blog to helping people improve their mental health (remember to stay in your lane) but it doesn’t hurt to be considerate of what people might be struggling with when you post content or interact with your followers.

These are all the amazing things about kindness we can learn from the kindest bloggers in the community (at least, for me they have been). This is my 3rd entry for The Blog Race, hosted by Vix and Laila. Look out for the polls tomorrow on the ‘#theblograce’ hashtag and give me a vote if you enjoyed this post!

Give a blogger a shoutout in the comments if they’ve showed you kindness in the community, they deserve to be on a pedastool!


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