As well as running this blog, I am a writer, social media enthusiast, and student. I come from the same place as Charles Darwin, Lord of the Rings, and Muller yoghurts (do with that what you will) in England, where milk to tea ratios can literally make or break friendships. I’ve been writing professionally for around five years, and folding piles of paper in half, stapling the spines and writing in them since I was two. I’ve published work for all kinds of outlets from The Huffington Post to some smaller media outlets, all of which can be viewed here. If you want to know more about my creative background, you can read all about it here.

On this blog, I mainly write opinion pieces, advice (for writing, blogging, mental health and anything I can provide my pinch of wisdom on) and post my own creations to give others advice and promote my work (these are usually my magazines, poetry, novel extracts, ect). You can email me at beth.ash_97@hotmail.co.uk you’d like to contact me, and you can download my media kit on my contact page. Or, I’m literally always on Twitter. If you’re wanting to work together in some capacity (blog collaborations, events, review, writing, interview, just want to say “hi”, the list goes on… then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’m friendly!






I am a social butterfly, a self-confessed Pinterest & cardigan addict.

I am also fond of dogs, sci-fi films, and fantasy books.

I put mayonnaise on everything.

Originally from: Shropshire, West Midlands, England

Currently living in: Surrey, South East, England

Has worked with clients in: UK, USA, Australia, Canada and I’m looking to expand this list.

Favourite city: Can’t pick – London or Amsterdam

Has visited: Spain, much of Mallorca, France, Belguim, Germany, Holland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

Dreams to visit: Canada, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sweden, and Iceland. I would also like to return to Germany.

Favourite food: Tai & Mexican food (but not together)

Favourite moves: the Harry Potter series, Star Wars, and Pulp Fiction

Favourite Artists: Muse, Meatloaf, Alt-J, RHCP, Cage the Elephant, Guns n Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine,  and Metallica, are some favourites (in no particular order). There are some paylists floating around my blog and there’s usually one in my footer too, if you’re interested!

Favourite book: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham / Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets


Are you a full time blogger?

I’m not technically “full time” as I’m also an editor and student, but I’m always interested in hearing about opportunities and I’m flexible with when I can work. I publish three new blog posts per week (sometimes more).


What sort of things do you write about?

Journalistically – Books. Films. Style. Art. Feminism. Culture. I’m also a creative writer, and I give poetry my best shot while working on short stories and long term projects (I’m currently in the process of writing a book of personal essays, and have the beginnings to a sci-fi novel)

Can I invite you to my event?

I love going to events! But please have a read through my blog to make sure it relates to my content in some way. I’m unlikely to attend a gaming event or fitness event, for example. Examples of events I have been to are beauty events, Avon and Refuge’s event discussing their research findings on domestic abuse, and blogger hangouts.


Can I send you something? Will you write about it?

I accept products on a gifting basis in exchange for a review, but whether I write about it depends on if I like it! There’s nothing more important than my integrity as a blogger and I am always honest as my readers view me as a trusted source of information and inspiration. Please don’t just randomly send me products, drop me an email first with the subject line ‘Blog Collaboration/Opportunity to make sure it’s something I will enjoy, can produce content about and fits in with the theme of my blog! I am really honest on this blog and I don’t tend to write about everything I’m sent.