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A lot of bloggers unfortunately end up having their hard work dismissed and only receive gifting, or even a simple 10 minute promotion on social media, as payment for product promotion and exposure. However, it’s up to you as the owner of your blog to set ground rules about sponsorship work and make sure you’re paid what you deserve. Did you know that some bloggers, including me, actually get paid to advertise for brands on our channels?

If writing sponsored content and receiving payment from brands to review their products is something you want to strive towards, you absolutely CAN do it, no matter the size of your following. I know what it takes to land a sponsored post and persuade companies to go with your fees. This simple yet effective 2-page sponsorship proposal helped me to easily pitch the brands I wanted to work with and earn money for blogging.

This is the exact template I used in my proposals when landing sponsorship opportunities, including detailed information on my fees and what specific sponsorship packages I offer to brands.

This is a simple .docx file converted to PDF and is a resource for bloggers to follow my example of pitching to brands while having a small following. It’s not always about your amount of followers, but about how you promote your brand and make your services sound desirable!

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