‘Think Outside the Blog’ eBook

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Think Outside the Blog (like ‘Think Outside the Box? It’s punny!) is 35,000 words of my hard work, illustrating everything I’ve learned from blogging – both the mistakes and the successes. Think Outside the Blog will tell you:

How to start a blog
What should be included in your blog’s design
Where to find the best tools and themes for blog design
How to maintain your blog, both the design and content
Deciding what to write about / produce content about
How to inject your personality into your blog and keep being yourself online
The kinds of blog posts that generate the most interaction from readers
Search Engine Optimisation tips, so your blog can easily be found through Google
How to promote your blog posts to increase your readership
How to use opt-ins and content upgrades to increase your subscriptions
How to monetise your blog and turn in into a source of income.
How to pitch your blog/content to brands
How to send cold emails
How to create a media kit (including an example of my own)
Different ways to generate income from blogging
How to get free products as a blogger

I get loads of questions about how I started my blog and how I earn money from my website. This book holds my answers!


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