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Paperfox Literary Magazine 

The Best of IndieBookstores – Issue 1: Page 5 & 6

Interview with HannahVincent: Author of ‘Alarm Girl’ – Issue 1: Page 8 & 9

Interview with Kiran Millwood Hargrave: Author of ‘The Girl of Ink & Stars’ – Issue 2

Interview with Lauren Cassidy from Instagram’s @fictiontea – Issue 2

Interview with Danny Henriques from Instagram’s @theboookorder – Issue 2

Interview with Calista from Instagram’s @insidethebookreader – Issue 2 

Recommended Fantasy Reads – Issue 2: Page 6

Letter from the Editor – Issue 4: Page 3

Interview with Book Blogger Gabby Gibson – Issue 4: Pages 19-21

Branding, page design,and web design 

Interview with Erin Summerill – Issue 5


Better Biz Academy

How to name your business

How to make your business look professional on Twitter

How to grow your YouTube channel

How to create a Facebook group for your business

The top 5 Facebook groups for growing your business

How to use Facebook pages for growing your business

How to use YouTube for your business

How to gain more clients for your business

Boost your online presence

The Huffington Post 

An Ode To Teenage Mothers

Every Assault Matters

The Stanford Case Is About More Than Brock Turner’s Sentencing 

EU Referendum Results: Young Screwed by Older Generations

How Brexit Could Impact The Creative Industry


Review of ‘Wonderbox’ – explore and learn science

BBC iPlayer Review – Catch up on the latest!

‘Shazam’ Review – for recognising music when you can’t!

‘9music’ Review – Play it your way

‘Goodreads’ Review – for the book lovers

‘Runkeeper’ – Get fit, fast, with your phone!

‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ Review – Find your inner superhero!

‘Four pictures one word’ review – millions of puzzles, one big headache!

‘Skype’ Review – Keep in touch with your friends, on the go

‘Comics’ Review – I love Batman!

‘Twodots’ Review – One is da lonliest number

‘Fruit Ninja’ Review – Fruit Salad Master

‘Little Blocks’ Review – The Art of Simplicity

‘Family Guy: A Quest for Stuff’ Review – Cheese and Crackers for Everyone

‘New words with friends’ Review – Friends turn to enemies

‘Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars’ Review – Give me your lambo!

‘Plants vs Zombies 2’ Review – Plants Battle the Hordes!

‘Photosynth’ Review – Fun photography

‘Kindle vs iBooks’ – Book war!



Tom is now back on track with his life after being homeless at 16 

Moving to supported accommodation was a ‘lifesaver’ for young mum Jade

Video Case Study – Tom 

Video Case Study – Jade

The Light Hotel

All copywriting on their website


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How to Prevent Panic Attacks in Public 

50+ Blog Post Ideas for Autumn 

How to Deal with Confrontation 

7 Ways I’m Improving My Mental Health 

Why You Should Write Things Down 

A Grey Area

Appearing elsewhere / press

Interview by Kirsten Sinclair – Fierce Women Series

Interview with Braid of Voices – We Create Series (podcast) 

Avon’s Be Bold for Change event for International Women’s Day

Avon’s Be Bold for Change campaign

Channel 5 Live – Talking domestic abuse & how Refuge can help

Reuters – How controlling behaviour affects 1 in 2 teenage girls

International Women’s Day – Emotional Abuse and Control in Relationships (references my personal experience & blog post)

How to tell if your uni friend is in an abusive relationship (references my personal experience & blog post)


“Am I Pretty”
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